You’re Not the Only One Who Loves Summer

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June 29, 2016
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August 25, 2016
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Nothing ruins a good barbecue or night out with friends than a long line of ants or pesky mosquitoes. And of course, there’s nothing worse than cockroaches or spiders disturbing the peace of your home.

With the summer season fast approaching, know that you’re not the only one who enjoys the heat. Some of your unwelcome pesky insect friends are also looking forward to the long hot summer days. They will be everywhere, and if you’re not ready, you might share summer with these annoying pests.

So what can you do?

Clean Everything within Reach

Leaving a pile of crumbs unattended on the floor is basically like giving ants and other insects reason to infest that part of your home. Let them find the treasure somewhere else — either outside or somewhere far from your house. Make sure to leave no trace of crumbs by sweeping floors and wiping counters ASAP.

Get rid of any stagnant water found around the house. Mosquitoes love standing water because it is where they breed and multiply. Missing out on standing water is easy, so make sure to check for leaks and look in rain spouts.

Maintenance and Proper Storage

Your pretty garden might be the primary cause behind your summer pest problems. Proper maintenance of landscaping prevents overgrowth, which keeps insects from building their nests. Pay attention to nearby trees and bushes; keep it clean from debris and weed-free.

Also, don’t give termites easy access to your house. Store them away from the shed or your home — keep them as far away as possible. The minimum distance should be five feet, but if you can keep it farther, the better.

Trust a Pest Control Service

Rid your home of all unwelcome insects by hiring a local service for regular inspections and sprays. Professionals take inventories of current issues and also create a personalized plan to keep them away. They can also provide better protection than if you did things on your own.

Keep your home pest-free this summer by calling on the experts. Call on Orange Coast Pest Control today; we’ll make sure you have a better summer than these pests.