Things To Do in Corona

The thriving LA suburb of Corona, California is fast becoming a bedroom community for many of the larger cities in Orange County’s Inland Empire. Named for its distinctive street layout that is centered around the nearly 3 mile circular street known as Grand Boulevard, the former Lemon Capital of the World has found a new identity as a high class place to live and raise families outside of all the hectic urban environments. But, what else does it have to offer? Let me give you the low-down on the best things to do in the lovely city of Corona, California.
In addition to some great restaurants and shopping centers, Corona is home to Glen Ivy Hot Springs. This natural mineral spring sanctuary comes out of the Santa Ana Range and its usage can be traced back over 150 years, all the way to 1860. Take a relaxing dip in one of their many pools, do some yoga, get a massage or perhaps a mud scrub, and enjoy some top quality food and cocktails while you decompress and find your zen! Ideal for parties of all sizes, or even a solo trip – this resort is designed to make you feel like a god or goddess as you soak in the calming spa atmosphere and lush, southern California landscaping. Arrive with high hopes and leave stress free!
If you or someone you know has an interest in music, then check out the Fender Guitar Visitor Center in Corona. This working factory tour is full of rich history and musical facts, inspiration, and knowledge that anyone who appreciates guitar will find fascinating! This is the chance to learn about how the largest guitar manufacturer in the world crafts their instruments, and even get a look at their famous custom shop, where they make the special ones for your favorite rock stars. You can even test a few Fender guitars out in their ‘Jam Room’! Whether you’re a Fender brand loyalist, or just a rock ‘n’ roll enthusiast, there is plenty to see and absorb on this unique tour that takes you through to the other side of making music.
For those of you that are thrill seekers and prefer an outdoor adventure, then Skull Canyon Zipline will catch your eye! This highly recommended spot features a unique eco-experience and offers four different zipline packages for beginners and pros and everything in between on 160 acres of unspoiled mountain terrain. Their guides a supremely well trained and will put you at ease with their knowledge and easy-going humor, even if heights aren’t really your thing. Get a little hiking in while you go from line to line and enjoy some breathtaking views and a healthy adrenaline boost as you soar over the land. Whether you’re a hard core junkie or a timid first-timer, there is something for everyone here!
If you call Corona home, or are just passing through – there is no shortage of options and variety of things to do in this awesome California town. If you’re looking to relax, learn some cool history, get out for some adventure, or all of the above – the possibilities are here!
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