Spring Pest Prevention Tips

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April 15, 2017
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As cooler months give way to sun and beautiful weather, spring time is fully in flow. That means a lot of things, but in the pest control world, it means it’s the perfect time for a few yearly bits of maintenance.

At Orange Coast Pest Control, we’re here to do more than just provide exterminator services when a major infestation comes up – we’re here to help you prevent the infestation in the first place. With that in mind, here are a few spring and summer tips you can take to maintain your pest control tactics around the home.


All food, whether for humans or any pets, should be sealed in secure containers and moved away from any doors or other entryways. If you put a bird-feeder or any other food source outside the home, keep it at least 100 feet away – these items may attract pests, and any closer than this puts you at risk of them making their way inside your home.

Yard Debris

Any debris on the yard, such as leaves and branches, should be cleaned up, especially if it’s close to the house itself. These items attract insects like ticks. The undersides of decks and porches should be cleaned, as should basements, shutters and any other dark, damp areas where pests might flourish.


Down similar lines, ensuring the home is dry during spring rains is vital, as pests thrive in damp locations. If there are any cracks or leaks in the foundation, these need to be repaired. Standing water both inside or outside the home should be removed, as too much pooling up can become a breeding ground for contaminants. This is also a perfect time to clean your rain gutters to ensure proper water flow outside.

Perimeter Protection

As summer pests begin to fully settle into their habitats, a basic insecticide spray around the perimeter of the home is always a god idea. Crawlers like ants and box-elder bugs begin flourishing around these times, and may get adventurous if you don’t keep them from doing so.

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