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Pest invasions can happen at any time and they do all across Anaheim and they can have serious consequences, with some even having long-term health effects. Property damage from pests can cost thousands of dollars too. The good news is that these can be prevented with Orange Coast Pest Control, the leading provider of pest control in Anaheim.  Let our local service experts show you just how efficient and fast we are at getting your pest and bug problem under control.  We’ll make the problem disappear and you can bet on us with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We Exterminate all Types of Pests Including:

  • Crawling Insects like ants, cockroaches and spiders

  • Stinging Insects like Bees, Wasps and Hornets

Crawling Insects

We exterminate crawling insects, such as ants, cockroaches, and spiders. Spiders are especially creepy, and depending on the species, they can be dangerous. Most of them can be found in darker places, like the garage or under the deck, which is why you need an expert that can inspect these hard-to-reach and generally ignored areas.

Stinging Pests

Stinging insects make painful and potentially harmful stings. Bees, wasps, and hornets vary in shape, size, and location depending on the species. Each type requires different methods of pest control. As one of the leading pest control experts in Southern California, we’ll use our expertise to help you determine exactly which method is best for your situation. We specifically target future nest sites, keeping the stingers from reproducing.

We Use Only Environmentally-Safe Bug Control Products For Our Friends and Neighbors in Anaheim

After serving the citizens of Anaheim as the pest control experts, we decided to further enhance our service. We realized that to provide real value to customers, our solutions should be summarized into two words: clean and green.

We use only organic pesticides and environment-friendly methods, giving you the chance to experience the bliss of safe, pest-free living and eliminating the worry you feel when harsh chemicals and poison sprays are used near your family and pets. There is a better way – The Orange Coast Pest Control way!

Take back your home or business by calling Orange Coast Pest Control and schedule your eco-friendly, child and pet safe service today.

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