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March 15, 2017
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It’s natural to think of pests as only an interior concern within the home, and while this is often the case, this ignores a whole other realm: The yard. There are several specific pests that will make their homes throughout your yard, from trees to grass to plants, and can damage your property and bleed into the home if they’re not addressed.

At Orange Coast Pest Control, our residential pest control services include ridding you of these outdoor creatures – but we need your help in identifying them. Here are three of the most common types, and how you can recognize them and bring in one of our exterminators.

Chewing Insects

Often the easiest outdoor pests to notice, these are mostly tree-clinging insects that cause damage to leaves and needles. Over a period of years, trees and plants can lose their ability to grow because of these insects.

Signs from chewing insects include nests in trees or plants, or perhaps even visible insects on leaves and needles. Leaves will have holes in them, or might be completely gone. In some cases, extreme leaf loss will also be a signal.

Boring Insects

Boring insects refer to those that tunnel inside trees, then feed on their bark. For ornamental trees and shrubs, these insects can be extremely destructive. They also make it very difficult for trees to transport water and nutrients to vital areas.

To help notice these insects, look for exit holes in the trunk or branches of a tree. Sawdust-like debris or frass can also be signs, and lots of leaves on the ground in the area could be a tip-off as well.

Sucking Insects

There are groups of insects out there that survive by sucking sap and nutrients from plants and trees, and they’re often the toughest to find. They’re bugs like mites, scales and aphids – they’ll leave withered leaves, a mold coating, sticky sap and honeydew, or dieback on branches and tips. You may also notice leaves dropping prematurely.

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