How to Get Rid of Moles

How to Get Rid of Moles

The greatest enemy of lawns everywhere is the common ground mole. There are a few different species found all over the US, ranging from the Eastern Mole to the Townsend Mole, and the Broad-footed Mole too. All those days of hard work fertilizing, mowing, and watering can be ruined by one of these ugly, furry little creatures. And once you have them, they can be very difficult to eradicate. Newborns are ready to start the cycle over again in only a year! Their presence is easily noticeable by the ‘molehills’ or large mounds that they unearth when they pop out of their tunnels but fear not. There are a few tried and true ways to get them to move to greener pastures.

The first step is to determine its tunnel routes. While they are underground, they aren’t exactly hard to figure out. Most moles dig tunnels in a mostly straight line, so simply trace between dirt mound to dirt mound to follow the mole maze. The nests are typically located in more protected areas like beneath hedges or along fences.

For the baiting method, Talpirid is the most common and effective trap out there because it mimics the Moles primary food source: earthworms. Only, these little guys deliver a fatal dose of bromethalin that will do the job in 24 hours. To administer these poisonous little capsules, it recommended that you place them just beneath the molehills. Simply wipe away the excess dirt to find the opening; they typically extend a few inches down where they connect with the main tunnel.

Trapping is also a good option. Mole traps work best on the more active mole tunnels, which can be found by stepping on the molehills, waiting for one to two days, and seeing which ones have reopened. To be more thorough and catch the ones who may have figure out to steer clear of the exits, can also try puncturing small holes in the tunnel itself and waiting two to three days to see which ones were filled in. This way, you know exactly where the tunnels are and can place multiple traps.

Other ways to deter your lawn intruders are to use mole repellents and insecticides. The repellents won’t harm the critters but will make their home uninhabitable and force them out, while the insecticides will kill off their food source. The drawback of these methods, however, is that the more determined moles may try to dig deeper and establish tunnels and nest at a lower level of soil in search of more food and greater protection.

In truth, if you really want to get rid of them – the best way is to attack from all sides and employ a bit of everything. They are active at all times of the day, and applying methods during winter and spring are the best way to ensure you eradicate the pregnant females.

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