Five Ways to Drive Pigeons Away from Your Home for Good

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July 27, 2016
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September 9, 2016
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Pigeons may look harmless and fun to feed, but once they start nesting in your roof, you’d surely think the opposite. They’re unwanted guests, especially during spring and fall. They not only take over your roofs and attics; they bring bacteria and other health hazards to your home as well. Pigeons are filthy birds, and you wouldn’t want them to roost inside your home.

Fortunately, there are ways to drive them away from your place. Here are five of them.

Install Barriers

The way to keep them out is to not let them in at all. Install makeshift barriers using large wood or metal sheets. Seal your attic off with them, and do the same to the openings around your air conditioning units. Secure the barriers to make sure they don’t injure passersby.

Use Decoy Birds

You see farmers use scarecrows, and you can do the same. Put up decoy birds like plastic owls that move as the wind blows. The plastic bird deterrents work well on roofs and railings, if you’re living in a high rise building.

Put Up Spikes and Traps

Anti-roosting spikes are handy, as they’re affordable and available in a lot of stores. Put them in areas where you see pigeons gather. These include the roofs, the top of gates and fences, and the patios. Traps, on the other hand, catch the nuisance birds. They range from small cages similar to mouse traps, to electric devices, making them more expensive than the spikes.

Stick Them Up

Sticky chemicals and gels make it hard for pigeons to roost in any surface. Apply them in areas where pigeons might roost.

Call the Professionals

You’re certainly not the only homeowner experiencing the nuisance the pesky birds bring. There are services that address the problem. So, go ahead and call the professionals! The pest control services from Orange Coast Pest Control in Riverside are affordable and reliable. Our team doesn’t just drive the pigeons away from your property; we use effective methods to keep them from coming back.

When getting rid of pests, it’s important to know and eliminate the cause, and that’s exactly what we do. Let us be your first choice for pest control services.

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